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  • The parade, mentioned over the last two weeks, included a reference to the G. A. R., Grand Amy of the Republic. 

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  • The parade, mentioned over the last two weeks, included a reference to the G. A. R., Grand Amy of the Republic.   The Civil War began in April, 1861.  Our town was fifty years old at the time and supplied many men for the cause.  The J. R. Tappan Post No. 215, GAR, Dept. of NY was very active in Saugerties after the war. The American Legion park on Partition Street is the home of the cast iron statue which the G. A. R. proudly displayed.  The battles listed on the statue are: Fredericksburg, Cold Harbor, Williamsburg, Appomattox, Winchester, and Wilderness.  The front is inscribed: With Malice toward none and Charity for all. There are bas relief busts of Lincoln, Grant, Farragut and a General I didn’t recognize.  Also: In Memory of John E. Lasher, a friend of the soldier. This monument is presented to J. R. Tappan Post 215, GAR, by his son, Alfred P. Lasher, 1904. In Memory of the Soldiers and Sailors of the Town of Saugerties. Executive Committee, W. H. Maxwell, Chairman; J. Smith, Sec.; George E. Carnright, Treas.; E. L. Quick, A. A. Post, Abram Turck, P. P. Wickham.
    In 1811 our town was young.  There were three active church congregations, St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in West Camp, the Katsbaan Dutch Reformed Church in Katsbaan and the Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church in Flatbush, the latter two being daughter churches of The First Reformed Church of Kingston, familiarly known as Old Dutch.
    It might be interesting to see who was born in 1811, as evidenced by the baptismal records of the three churches.
    St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of West Camp has records beginning in 1710, making it the oldest church in the township.  Their record book does not tell of any children born or baptised in 1811, although there were some in 1810.   Samuel Snyder, Jul 19, 1810, John Henry V. Steenberg, Jul 6, 1810, Jacob Lehman, Jul 7, 1810, John Falk, Aug 21, 1810, Levy York, Aug 26, 1810.  The pastor of the church during this time frame was Rev. Joseph Prentice.
    The Katsbaan Reformed Church has records dating to 1732.  Charles Newkirk Hommel, born Jan 6, Mary Eliza Monertse, born Jan 11, Ann Eliza Fraeligh, born Feb 25, Ann Eliza Meyer, born Mar 12, Petrus Wolven, born Mar 23, Evert De Witt, born Feb 10, Jesse Roosa, born Mar 31, Isaac Post, born Feb 5, John Means, born Apr 5, Eliza Catharina Lescher, born Mar 3, Caty Maria Wolven, born Mar 23, Sally Maria Wells, born Apr 26, and the list at the Katsbaan Reformed Church goes on, naming children born to the Schoonmaker, Diederick, Snyder, Osterhout, Newkirk, Vredenburgh, Brink, Langendyk, Minkelaar, Fiero, Kimpel, Kiersted, Overback, Mower, Welsh, Van Steenburgh, Van Orden and Whitaker families, among others.  Records of the Katsbaan Reformed Church are available at the Saugerties Public Library.
    The Flatbush Reformed Church baptism records commence in 1808.  Henry Osterhoudt was born Jul 9, 1811, Eliza Christina Swart was born Mar 1, Adam Van Aken, Apr 1, Helen Snyder, Feb 19, Caty Legg, Feb 18, Sarah Cath. Schoonmaker, Jan 7, Henry Whitaker, Jan 20, Hannah Cath. Hendricks, Mar 9, Nelly Carle, Apr 22, Philip Elmendorf, Mar 8, Isaac Kipp, Jun 11, and the list goes on.  
    Page 2 of 2 - The names of children baptised give us an idea of the people who lived here in 1811.  Perhaps your family can trace back to these early days.