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  • Flooding of Plattekill Creek

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  • In the winter “2001,” area residence of Band Camp, Schoolhouse, Old Rte. 212, state Rte. 212 & George Sickle Roads attended a Saugerties Town Board meeting! It was brought to the attention of the Town Board that the residence of this area put the Town Board on Notice from the petition pertaining to the flooding issue of the Plattekill Creek!
    To date, nothing further has been done on the part of Town! The town was supposed to write for grants so there were monies available to rectify the flooding problem! This has not happened.
    Only a few homes were affected by floodwaters from the Plattekill creek in the early “2000’s”! But now there are between 25-27 homes that have been directly affected over the past 11 years! Many residences had to evacuate their homes earlier this year from flooding! But since Hurricane Irene, some homes have been condemned because homes moved off their foundations, foundations were compromised & Oil Tanks were broken away from homes & traveled down the Plattekill creel! Residence wells & the Plattekill Creek are now contaminated!  A lot of other damage has been done & many residences can’t even live in their homes! It’s going to take months before the repairs get done so these homeowners can move back in!
    This year alone, 4-5 roads in this area have been closed many times because of the Plattekill flooding! Motorists unknowingly drive into these roads, which quickly turns into fast flowing rivers, while Ambulance & Police, even the Fire Dept’s. couldn’t get through to evacuate people from their homes & vehicles! These roads had to be closed! There were many emergencies along these roads & some people couldn’t get the help that they needed. Even the Fire Dept. volunteer’s lives were in jeopardy!
    We don’t have the time or money t pay politicians to do nothing! We definitely don’t feel like paying with out lives either! We vote these officials into office because they say they can help us! But they haven’t! We don’t feel like paying the salary of “dead-beat” politicians anymore, cause they’re not doing what they were elected into office for!
    We all wonder what Greg Helsmortal will do with the remaining time he has left especially is he’s not voted back into office? Will he finally fix these problems the town had been out on notice about or pass it on to the next Supervisor? Shame on your Greg Helsmortal for endangering peoples lives & not putting the people of your hometown first!
    The residence of George Sickle, State Route 212, Old Route 212, Band Camp & School House Roads!