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  • Thank You Saugerties Antique Gallery

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  •     The staff of the Saugerties Animal Shelter and I would like to thank the Proprietor of the Saugerties Antique Gallery, Pat Guariglia, for his generosity to our facility in the following manner.
        On Sunday morning, January 17, 2010, three vehicles pulled up in front of the shelter door and out stepped four very enthusiastic persons; Pat Guariglia, Cindy Wilson, Donna Newkirk and Lindsay Newkirk. They proceeded to unload boxes and bags of donated items for the shelter.
        Each year, Mr. Guariglia collects fund donations at his place of business for a charitable group of his choice. This year the Saugerties Animal Shelter was lucky enough to be the recipient of his kindness.
        Over seven hundred and fifty dollars was collected! Mr. Guariglia sent Cindy, Donna and Lindsay out shopping with instructions to have a good time spending these funds for our facility.
        It is my understanding they filled to over flowing, five shopping carts with dog food, cat food, cleaning supplies and other items that are used at an animal shelter. I also understand that it took them approximately three hours to do so. I got the impression from Cindy, they might have been tired at the end of this shopping spree, but they enjoyed every minute of it.
        Thank you, Pat Guariglia, for your kindness and for thinking of the animals that stay at our shelter until they are adopted.
    God bless you all,
    Marie Post,
    Shelter Manager